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Dress: Internacionale (Sophie department)
Leather Jacket: Topshop
Tights: New Look
Boots: Primark

I bought this dress last week because I needed something new to wear for work, everything I own seems to have gone into the sale! I got myself a bit of a bargain with this as well, because it's from the children's section.
I love the print, and the style, it's something that's going to be so easy for me to wear. It's the perfect kind of dress to wear either a skirt or a jumper on top of, to create a completely different outfit. I love it so much, I've even been wearing it when I'm not at work.

I'm really enjoying wearing frilly socks with boots at the moment too, I've got this white pair, and a black pair, but definitely want more. I've seen some really frilly lacey ones from Primark that I want, but my local Primark doesn't seem to be stocking any (or if they are, they're hiding them well!) and Internacionale have some burgundy  ones on the website which I love too.

The only thing missing from this outfit is a nice bag. I always tend to go to Primark for my handbags, as I change my mind on what I want to use so often, however I saw some amazing Fiorelli handbags when I was browsing JohnLewis online, and now I really want one of those. I do think if you're going to make a fashion investment, a handbag is a good one to go with, as you can always re-use a bag. I still use bags that I bought years and years ago!

Internacionale currently have 20% off everything on the website and free delivery if you spend over £30, so go treat yourselves... you can get quite a lot for your money from there too!
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