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Dress: Chiara Fashion (direct link)
Leather Jacket: French Connection
Collar Pins: A Little Birdie (direct link)
When I first tried on this dress, I was a little disappointed, not in the dress itself which is really lovely quality and amazing value. I was disappointed because I love the dress so much and didn't want to just wear it for a night out, and then have to leave it in my wardrobe for the next few months before allowing myself to wear it again (6-8 week rule and all!)

I decided to set myself a little challenge, and come up with a way to be able to wear it during the daytime. No one can deny that this is a dressy dress... I'd never be able to wear it for a day at the shops, but for a day at the races, for a meal or to the pub, maybe.

My initial idea was to add the leather jacket, but I still looked quite bare on top. By adding the white blouse underneath the dress, it becomes much more wearable. 
The leather jacket and chunky heeled boots give the dress a bit of a rockier feel, which instantly dresses it down a bit and my cute little collar pins from A Little Birdie match the dress perfectly, and tie the whole look together really nicely.

Now I just need to be invited to an occasion to wear this outfit to... anyone fancy going for a meal?!
What do you think? Would you wear this outfit during the day?
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