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Some of this year's festival line up's have been announced, and it's started to get me all excited about festival fashion!
I've never been to a festival myself (although I would love to go, especially to V), but I'm just not much of a tents and camping kind of girl… I prefer to watch the music performances on tv and admire the fashion online.

My favourite thing about festival style, is that it never really changes, so the same things are wearable each year… things just adapt slightly. This year I can imagine a lot more lace and floaty fabrics being teamed with the usual denim, khaki and every variety of wellington boot you can imagine!

I dream of the day I own a pair of really posh wellies… studded ones, patterned ones, ones with big buckles or the gorgeous ones which appear to change colour in the light. I'd definitely have to take myself to a festival if I got a pair of those and team them up with some denim cut offs, a parka jacket and some kind of lace top. 

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