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I've turned into such a 'shoe girl' over the past couple of years, I never used to really be interested in them, but now I'm probably bordering on around 50 pairs (which to me seems like hundreds!)
While browsing the Clinkard's website (initially just looking at wellies), I found myself finding a shoe for every occasion, and convincing myself not to do some serious damage with my credit card!

I really want to treat myself to some Hunter wellies… I live on a farm, which is one great excuse to get some, but I think they're really fashionable too, and I want to wear them with festival inspired outfits over the summer (because let's face it, it still rains in the summer here!)
I also really, really want these floral Dr Martens boots - how cute are they?! These would also be perfect if I'm lucky enough to go to any festivals, and because of the style, they'll be on trend forever.

I know Ugg boots are kind of a love/hate thing, but personally, I love them! I have 4 pairs already, but don't have a blue pair… which means I need these, right?! If you've never worn Uggs, please don't judge them until you've tried them. They're nothing like the fakes, they're actually the comfiest, warmest shoes ever! 

The little black boots are top of my wishlist, and not because they're called 'Olly boots'… I promise! Anyone who knows me would tell you how 'me' these are, I don't think you can go wrong with an ankle boot, especially a black, leather pair… these would go with everything.

Finally, I'm loving both of these pairs of brogues, the beige ones are such a gorgeous colour, and I love the plaited detail in the leather on the black ones… I'd love both pairs in my collection!

Which shoes are you lusting over at the minute?

[Brought to you by Charles Clinkcard]
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