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Starvation diets, liposuction, armpit Botox and anti-anxiety medication: these are all part of the torture behind the red- carpet glamour of Oscar night. These extreme beauty routines now go far beyond mere spray tans and manicures. Luxe Models knows a thing or two about glamour, but even this has the ability to shock.

The Oscars red carpet is the most powerful catwalk in the world. It is the stage for which haute couture dresses are made and can thrust designers into the spotlight.

However what goes on in the run-up to Oscar Sunday involves weeks of hunger, sacrifice and last-minute liposuction. It is not for the faint hearted. With the pressure beginning to take its toll nominees are said to turn to using anti-anxiety pills such as Xanax.

With the prevalence of social media and high definition photography, actors now face having every angle of their body and face appear in hundreds of photos online instantly. The stakes for red-carpet glamour have never been so high. The gown would have been chosen a month ago at the haute couture shows and the poor actresses will have been on a diet-and-exercise regime since nomination day, all with the aim of looking perfect in their chosen dress. They have to look their healthiest possible. While at the Oscars, the actresses’ skin has to glow, legs and body must be toned, younger models already at an advantage, such as those at Luxe Models, can rely on clever lighting in front of the camera and even cleverer photo retouching.

 Last-minute liposuction on "problematic" areas of fat, such as the area just under the shoulder blade is a popular surgical treatment actors resort to before the red carpet. Underarm botox is another extreme-sounding but highly effective trick used to prevent sweating on the night.

These preparations often come down to money. If an actor has a good Oscars red carpet moment, it paves the way for lucrative advertising campaigns. Keira Knightly and Charlize Theron are just two examples of this. And the consequences of a bad red carpet moment....well who doesn't remember Angelina's leg pose that went viral after the Oscars 2012! Global humiliation.

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