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Last week I asked you all to share your top money saving tips with me for the chance to win £100 from Money Supermarket. 
I was sent lots and lots of really good tips, some of which I'm taking on board myself! 
Unfortunately, I have to whittle down the tips I was sent to a top ten list... these are my choices.

1. Cut car costs - save fuel by making sure that your tyres are fully inflated, you're not carrying more than you need, only use air con when you really need to and take your roof racks off when they're not in use. (Tiffany Warner)

2. Walk instead of driving or getting the bus. If you do get the bus, get off a stop or two early to save on your fare. (Huong Lan Lee)

3. Before going food shopping, plan your meals for the week and make a shopping list - then stick to it. (Emma Draffin)

4. Search online for discount codes or free delivery codes before shopping online. (Laura Jane)

5. Make a savings account but don't get a card, or if you do, don't use it... not having constant access to all of your money means you won't spend it. (Rachael Gibbons)

6. Instead of going out for a night out with friends where you will be spending money on drinks and taxis, arrange 'come dine with me' style nights where you all cook a different dish - you will never want a night on the town again! (Sabrina Lawton)

7. Use the library for free internet access, free book loans etc (Laura Jane)

8. Use eBay and Facebook selling groups to get rid of all of your unwanted things. (Hannah Kelly)

9. Take full advantage of friends or family with a skill; most people will know a people who can help with many things from plumbing to hair dressing. (Tiffany Warner)

10. Empty your change from your purse into a jar at the end of every day. (Sera McDaid)

These tips will all be entered into the competition... let's hope Money Supermarket choose at least one of these for their ultimate list! 
If not, I at least hope they help some of you out.

[image from Money Supermarket]
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