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A few weeks ago while shopping in Boots, I found myself chatting to a lovely sales assistant on the Clarins counter, the next thing I knew, I had been talked into buying the Liquid Bronze tanner for my face... She certainly was good at her job. I walked away a little bit concerned that I'd spent that much on such an impulse purchase, but I'm really glad I did, everyone deserves a treat now and again.

I don't like using fake tan on my face, as I always find it ends up looking blotchy or just too dark, but this is a lovely in-between product which gives a honey coloured glow to my skin. It's perfect for my very pale complexion, and it seems to appear very natural, almost as though it works specifically for my skin type. It's really each to apply too, I simply use a cotton wool pad and apply it allover my face and neck.

The best thing about this for me, is the fact that it's quite moisturising, and doesn't make my dry skin noticeable or make my sensitive skin sore. I haven't used many Clarins products before, but for the ones I have used, I always find that they really agree with my skin, probably down to the fact that the ingredients they use are very natural and gentle. I'm definitely wanting to try more... what would you recommend?

I'm also going to quickly apologise for the lack of outfit posts lately, it feels as though everything has been against me lately, either the weather or the lighting or me being poorly, not good! I'll hopefully have a good catch up this coming week.
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