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I was a bit naughty yesterday and spent money on three nail varnishes that I really, really didn't need, but I couldn't resist. Generally, I'm not even a fan of Barry M nail polish, but after reading so many lovely reviews of the new Gelly formula and seeing the amazing colours, I just had to give them a go.

I stood in Boots with about seven different shades in my hand, telling myself that I couldn't buy them all, and slowly eliminated them one by one until these three beauties remained. I did only want to buy two, but I couldn't choose between them!

I picked up 'Blueberry', 'Prickly Pear' and 'Greenberry'.
Blueberry is the most amazing colour ever... when people ask me what my favourite colour is, and I say blue, this is the shade of blue that I mean!
Prickly Pear is a beautiful lilac shade, and you may or may not know that lilac polishes are a bit of an addiction of mine. I easily have ten different lilac nail varnishes, but I just can't resist them.
Greenberry is a bright green which is almost a cross between turquoise and mint green... hard to describe, but very pretty.

I will be posting photos of these on my nails over the next week, I'll also be creating some nail art looks with them, so check back for those.
Also, if there are any other colours from this Gelly collection that you would recommend, please let me know which ones in the comments.
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