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I have never been so excited to blog about a product as I am about this.
If you are a sufferer of dry skin on your body (I suffer really badly from this on my legs and arms) then I may have just found the product of your dreams... it's definitely mine!

Even though the name of the product includes the word 'gentle', I still expected this to be rough and scratchy, but it's not. The salt is very fine, and the scrub contains mineral oil and sweet almond oil - which is what I think is the secret ingredient that makes this such an amazing product. It reminds me slightly of Soap & Glory Flake Away, only this is much more oily.

I've never used a scrub which recommends that you apply it before you get in the bath or shower for a more intense treatment, but as dubious as I was, I gave it a go. It's not harsh on the skin, and because of all of the oil in the scrub, a little goes a long way. I've been using it on my arms and legs only, as these are my driest areas. It smells very salty (duh!) and very refreshing.
As soon as you get in the shower, and rise away the salt, your skin is left so unbelievably smooth and the oils linger on the skin.

Once I'm out of the shower and dried off, my skin still feels super soft and silky, I actually found it really hard to stop stroking my arms and legs - I was that impressed!
The combination of oils and salt clearly do my skin wonders. Maybe if you don't suffer from dry skin you won't love it quite as much as I do, but if you do... I would 100% recommend you give this a go. I'm sure you'll fall in love as well.

I must mention, although it says on the packaging, it does leave the shower very slippery... so remember to be careful next time you get in (or warn whoever's using the shower next).

For 350ml of product, I think this is definitely excellent value, and it's really easy to get your hands on, as it's stocked in the majority of large Tesco stores.

Calcot Manor provided this product for FABB Events Leeds.
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