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Ombre Top: New Look (direct link)
Lilac Leggings: Glamorous (direct link)
Boots: Independent Shop
Bracelets: Bekl (direct link)

The first thing I have to mention in this post is the quality of my pictures. They're terrible, and I don't know why... I'm not sure if Elodie has flicked a switch and changed a setting on my camera, or if the near by bonfire affected the quality (I doubt it though), I'm a bit worried, but hopefully it will be something I can fix.

In better news though, I am in love with my new leggings, they're the absolute perfect colour! When I first got them, I imagined only being able to style them with a plain black or plain white top, but then when  I spotted this top in New Look, I knew I had found their perfect partner in crime.
As you may have noticed, I love a bit of ombre (although mine is getting chopped off soon - eek!) I am quite pleased this t-shirt fades from light to dark rather than the other way round... it's more flattering don't cha know?... us curvy glass have to be careful!

I added my cute little bracelets from Bekl to inject a subtle with of colour. These are my arm candy of choice at the minute, because they're so delicate and pretty, and go with anything.

I'm now on the hunt for the perfect going out top to go with these leggings so I can wear them on my next night out with my friends... I'll also be rocking them throughout the warmer months on a pretty regular basis with a basic tee and my creepers.
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