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All Items: Glamorous

Last Summer, I didn't really get on board with the neon trend other than my nail varnish and one orange top that I bought in the sales, this year though, I'm loving neons in every colour possible!

I started of by searchig for some hot pink leggings... Then I decided I want them in purple too... Then I got really carried away. The good thing is, all of these items are from Glamorous (which has to be one of my favourite clothes websites) so they're not going to break the bank. 

I know that my mind isn't going to rest until I own at least two pairs of these leggings, I think they'd look amazing styled with chunky black boots and oversized black or white tops. I also really want the orange shirt to wear under a black jumper with just the collar showing for a bit of a statement pop of colour.

When it comes to the jumpers I really don't know where to begin... I love them all so much that I don't know which I like most... Help me decide guys! It might have to be a case of ordering them all and deciding by which clash with my hair least!

What do you think of neons?

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