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Midi Dress: Select £10
Platform Boots: MaryJane Fashion £28.99
Spike Necklace: Missguided £5.99
Studded Clutch Bag: Matalan £5

Total price for this outfit: £49.98

I recently asked everyone on Twitter how much they would spend on a new outfit for a night out. Some people replied saying £200, others said £25, but the most common answers were all close to the £50 mark. 
I have decided to start this new series of posts on That's Peachy where I find wearable, fashionable and affordable outfits (for various occasions), the only thing that will be continuous throughout these posts is that every outfit will be under £50.

First up is an outfit I have created which is ideal for a night at the pub, for a few drinks and maybe a meal with friends.
The dress is midi length, which is super flattering, and leaves the option to go bare legged or to wear tights. It's available in four colours too, so there's an option for everyone to go with the colour which suits them the most (green is my favourite!)

These lace up platform boots are available on quite a few websites, but MaryJane Fashion have them the cheapest by far (which is the only reason I would spend so much of the budget on shoes - they're an absolute bargain!) I have very similar boots to these already, and because of the platform and the fact that they lace up securely, they're really easy to walk in. They also look amazing with midi dresses.

For accessories I only had £11 left to spend, but managed to find this lovely studded clutch bag in the Matalan sale, which is ideal, and such good value... as it's black it will be so versatile and you'll be able to use it again and again without it going out of style.
With the remaining £6, I chose the spiked necklace, which comes in black or gold. With this outfit I would choose the black version, but if I was going with the black or coral dress I would choose gold.

The spikes, studs and platform boots add quite a grungey twist to the dress, but they also dress it up perfectly for the occasion.

What do you think? Would you wear this outfit?

Please leave me comments with any occasions you would like me to find an outfit under £50 for.
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