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Leggings £6.99
Necklace: £6
Sandals £16

Total price for this outfit: £48.99

The sun has finally made an appearance, and if your friends are anything like mine, the barbecues are coming out every night to make the most of the warmer weather.
There's nothing I enjoy more than sitting in the garden with friends, eating delicious (and sometimes burned) food and sipping ice cold drinks.

The first thing I consider when choosing an outfit for a barbecue is comfort, which is why I decided to base the entire outfit around a pair of leggings - a wardrobe staple which everyone needs, and can be styled differently for every occasion needed.

I wanted the outfit to be cute and quirky, but easy to wear... nothing too tight (we need to be able to eat a few burgers and hot dogs without worrying about undoing any buttons!)
The peplum style t-shirts from New Look come in some really pretty, summery pastel shades, and after seeing them in store and feeling how great the quality of the fabric is, these are definitely a bargain. They're the perfect length to cover your bum and your tim, and with the little cap sleeves you won't feel too bare for sitting in a garden, but you'll still be Summery. The colours I have chosen are on promotion at the moment for only £5 each (usually £7.99), blue is my favourite but they're all lovely.

I'm absolutely loving the sandals from Desire Clothing. The gold detailing on the front of the shoes adds something a little different to them, and because they come in black or white, there's a choice for anyone to match with whatever else they're wearing. I love the style with the slightly higher ankle strap,  as they actually stay on your feet unlike silly little flip flops, and they look cool with leggings tucked into them, or skinny legged trousers rolled up and a bit of ankle cleavage on show.

When it came to accessorising the outfit, I still had £22.01 left to spend, so I decided to go a little extravagant and add a floral headband to the outfit - these are perfect for barbecues, festivals, summer holidays etc, and because you don't really need a bag for a barbecue (just carry your phone in your hand) I took advantage of having so much of the budget left to spend. These are the perfect floral hair accessory, they're just the right size so that they're not too OTT but still a really nice touch to the outfit. This style comes in blue, pink and cream, so there is an option to suit all hair colours and outfits.

Lastly, I chose to add an edgy, spiky necklace as a complete contrast to the flowers and the pastel colours. I really like that the spikes are on a black cord rather than a chain, and they tie the spiky sandals into the outfit perfectly.

Would you wear this to a barbecue?
What kind of outfits would you like to see next?

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