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 photo DSCN2445_zps3f830887.jpg
 photo DSCN2449_zps99b70724.jpg
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Top: Primark
Skirt: Primark
Necklace: Primark
Tights: Internacionale
Boots: Independent Shop

Apologies for the amount of excessive hair touching in these photos, it was majorly windy and my hair was taking off... you should have seen the photos I didn't use!

I'm sure you all love Primark as much as I do, and when you can wear outfits as nice as this one, on such a small budget, it's easy to see why everyone is a Primark fan.

Everyone and their best friend has this skirt, and usually I'd try not to be such a follower but because it's so lovely, I don't actually care. I've worn it endless times, usually with chunky knit jumpers over the top, but I really like it styled this way too.
I picked this top up on a recent visit to Primark and this is the second time I've worn it. I was kind of hoping for some warmer weather by now... If the sun ever arrives, I'll be getting much more use out of it! I'm currently a bit obsessed with anything Aztec print and anything grey, so this is right up my street.

Sorry I haven't blogged as much as I should have recently, I haven't had access to my laptop and I've been really busy finalising some bits for the Newcastle FABB Event next week.
I have got wi-fi at home now though, which is like, the most exciting thing ever! I've saved my monthly favourite for a video, which should hopefully be up on my YouTube channel by Monday or Tuesday!
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