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Pop music fans now have a chance to appreciate dance rehearsal videos for the latest singles of such singers as Lee Hi and the boys of AA. It's a great opportunity to witness their choreography rehearsals for new songs in dance practice rooms. Performers show their sophisticated moves wearing comfortable dance apparel.

Comfortable dance uniforms don't necessarily have to cost much. Find a few tips on how to dress comfortably for dance practice by buying clothes during a dancewear sale below.
  • First of all, always remember to make sure that you feel comfortable in whatever you’re wearing during dance practice, otherwise your movements are likely to be awkward and there’s a higher risk of injuries. There are plenty of items created with flexibility and comfort in mind to complement the dancer’s shape without restricting movements, such as leotards of cotton, nylon and spandex, for example.
  • Consider items that have no itchy tags or seams as they will feel very soft and smooth on the skin even during a dynamic performance. There are plenty of seamless leotards and tights available for just a few pounds. 
  • Opt for stretchy dance clothing that is designed to allow easy movements. Elegant spandex and nylon tights with a cotton gusset and waistband will stay in place even during a very energetic performance. Stretchy leotards are a great option for classic ballet, contemporary and jazz practice. For the bottom, consider capri-leggings or shorts that don’t restrict movements and keep the dancer cool.
  • Urban dancers may prefer loose clothing that moves together with the body. It’s possible to choose from a variety of crop tops and oversized tees available for under £7. Fleece pants sold with a 50% discount are also a great option.
  • To feel comfortable on colder days, choose dance clothing that will keep you warm. Retro fleece hoodies made of 100% cotton are available for half of their original price. For the studio, consider reversible shoulder shrugs and ankle warmers with advanced moisture wicking properties.
As can be seen, it’s easy to dress comfortably for dance practice on a budget.
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