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This post is totally and one hundred percent caused by Lydia and her inspiring and motivating Instagram pictures... I've decided to join the gym.
I haven't been to the gym for years, and when I say years, I'm not exaggerating. I think I was 17 last time I went (how embarrassing... I should be ashamed!) So my first thought, was what the heck do you wear to the gym these days?!

While browsing the JD Sports website I was really surprised with how nice the choice of gym wear is. When I used to go, everyone was wearing baggy Kappa bottoms with poppers up the sides and ribbed vests from Primark.

As you may have worked out for yourself from my earlier confession, I don't have the abs to be able to wear one of the cropped tops (yet), but I think I might get one to motivate myself to get fit enough to be able to wear it... I will have a beach body eventually! For now I'm going to get myself the purple tee and vest, and a couple of pairs of the bottoms - perfect for an amateur like me.

I'm actually quite excited, it's such a good excuse for new clothes, new shoes!

What do you wear for exercising? 
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