Our poor hair – styling, products, heat, bleach. It’s no wonder that it sometimes struggles. To retain healthy locks, we have to limit some of our beauty indulgences that cause frizz and breakages. Although you can probably limit how much you use your hair dryer, we doubt you can retire it altogether. Fortunately, you can get a salon blowout without damaging your tresses. There are just so many ways that us girls are getting it wrong.

Start a style revolution today and learn how to blowdry your hair the healthy way!

You Section Off Your Hair And Begin With The Bottom
This approach to drying your hair can backfire massively. While your upper section dries weirdly in a clip, your lower tresses get all the attention, and no-one sees this part of your hair. Why are we beginning here?

Ignore all the tutorials that tell you otherwise. You should begin with the top layer and then work your way down. By doing this, you ensure your visible hair looks flawless. 

You Use High Heat And Blowdry Until Bone Dry
You really don’t need to blast your hair with the heat of a thousand suns. A cold setting does take longer, but it’s completely worth it. Use low-heat, if you can. The smoking hot settings will fry your tresses. 

Also, leave your hair a tad damp at the end – not so it’s dripping, but there should be a little moisture leftover. Blowing your tresses bone dry will give you lifeless, damaged hair. Before you switch on your hairdryer, make sure that you let your locks air dry first. Ideally, your hair should be 80% dry before it comes into contact with heat.

You Focus The Heat On Your Strands
Baking your hair isn’t going to help it. Constantly move with the hairdryer, never focusing on just one spot. Use a roundhead brush with nylon and boar bristles to add volume to your tresses and stay away from the metal combs which add unnecessary heat to your hair. As a general rule of thumb, you should keep your brush vertical and your hairdryer horizontal. For a smooth finish, maintain a reasonable amount (but not too much) tension between your hair and the brush.

You Blowdry Every Day
Applying heat to your hair every day is a luxury you can’t afford. Only give yourself a blowout when you desperately don’t have time to air dry your hair or for special events. Always give your tresses a rest from heat. Ladies who attack their hair with straighteners and curlers every day aren’t doing themselves any favours either. Invest in good Elchim hair dryers with a nozzle to protect your strands as much as possible.

You Use Whichever Clips You Can Find To Section Your Hair
Make sure that you keep a drawer of salon clips when you dry your hair. Regular clips cause wrinkles in your tresses that are hard to get out, which is why you’ll often see pictures of the models backstage at fashion shows with tissue underneath the hair clip to prevent kinks. Random and unintentional hair kinks aren’t quite the look you’re aiming for, so salon clips are the easiest way to keep your hair in place.

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