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I'm going for an eye test next week and before I've even been for the test I've found myself browsing all the different shapes and colours available. I don't think I need glasses, I just want to be sure, and there's no harm in having a check up. To be honest, I don't actually mind if I do need glasses, there are some really stylish frames available. For some people, I think that their glasses are just as important as their jewellery and bag... they're just another accessory to add to an outfit.
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Obviously if you need to wear your glasses everyday, you need to invest in a pair that are suitable for any occasion, however if you only need them for certain things, or if you're wearing glasses for fashion rather than the fact that you actually need them, you can be a little braver with the design.
I'm not too sure which style I would suit the most, it's a bit different if you're considering actually owning a pair rather than just trying on for fun. I'm definitely a fan of thicker rimmed glasses, like the two pairs above, but the choice is pretty much endless.
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I definitely think that a pair of glasses should be an investment... it makes sense to splash the cash a little, especially if they're going to be part of your everyday wardrobe.
Do you wear glasses? Which factors helped you to decide on which frames to choose?
If you like any of the styles above, you can find them here.

[images & article from Optical Express]
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