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Dress: She Likes
Shirt (shown as collar): Rare
Boots: Topshop

I would like to introduce you all to my new favourite dress, I love the colours, the pattern, the black and white striped band around the bottom and the fit - it's just perfect, and it's not often I really fall in love with a dress, so it must be a special one!
The legs are out too, which must mean one thing... Summer's here! At least I hope it is. Perfect timing for bank holiday weekend. If I do decide to go out this weekend, this will definitely be my outfit of choice.

Styled this way, with the collar I've tried to make it a little more 'daytime', but remove the collar and you have the perfect night out dress... you know what I'm like though, anything with a collar is a winner in my eyes. I'd also wear it with my leather jacket and tights for a much more casual look.

You'll have to get used to seeing these boots on here too, I treated myself to these in the recent Topshop sale and they're another current favourite of mine - I'm looking for every excuse possible to wear these right now, nothing beats a statement shoe!

PS Happy May Day everyone! My April favourites will be up soon.
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