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Cut Out Blouse: Glamorous (direct link)
Skirt: H&M
Boots: Internacionale
Spike Bracelet: Internacionale
Arrow Bracelet: Carnaby & Campbell (direct link)

I feel like I don't really look like me in these photos and I'm not too sure why, but it is me I promise!

Everyone's raving about cut out boots at the minute (yes I really want a pair too), but I'm kind of loving this cut out blouse as well. I like quirky little touches to simple pieces, and this is really cute and simple, yet effective. I absolutely love the colour, I think bright, block colour like this is gorgeous for Spring/Summer. If you're not a fan of blue it also comes in red.
It's a really long blouse, so initially I wasn't sure how to style it, but teamed with my old faithful H&M skirt, I think it works really well. I'm going to experiment with a white skirt I have too, and maybe layering the blouse with a lace top underneath.

I kept the accessories simple with little black shoe boots and a couple of bracelets. I love the arrow bracelet from Carnaby & Campbell, it's my favourite antique gold colour, and it's quite heavy weight, which makes it feel like really great quality. When it comes to jewellery, I almost always buy my pieces online, as I always find that if you shop on the high street you will see lots of other people wearing the same things.

Sorry I've been slightly AWOL for the past week, I do like to blog daily whenever possible. I've just been a bit caught up with YouTube, I've made my first video and I'm suddenly obsessed! 
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