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If what you're looking for in a fake tan is something that's easy to apply, doesn't streak, leaves a natural colour that fades evenly and doesn't smell too bad, then this is the tan for you and it's definitely the tan for me.

He-Shi is a unisex fake tanning brand which tans upon contact with the skin. It is gentle on the skin (perfect for sensitive people like me) it contains 100% natural DHA and is free from alcohol, parabens and is suitable for all skin types.

This product in particular, the Quick and Easy Express Liquid Tan claims to be 'ultimately the easiest instant self tanning lotion', and I have to say I pretty much agree with that.
The only thing that I don't love about it, is that its a liquid formula, it's pure liquid, so when I tipped it onto my tanning mitt, it just ran off and onto my floor. After this little accident however, I managed to come up with a slightly different way of applying the tan to the mitt and then onto my skin, it's not hard to do, just slightly less convenient than a cream formula would be.

Because the tan is coloured, you can see exactly where you've applied and where you haven't, so it's really quick and simple to do. A tanning mitt is a must with this though, and I just apply by buffing it into my skin in fast circular motions. It literally took me two minutes to tan my arms, and I was dry and dressed within another two minutes - you really can't get better than that.

I have found that the tan lasts easily a week without fading or going patchy and I've had no problems with staining my clothes or bed sheets.
He-Shi claims to be practically odourless... I do notice a slight fake tan smell if I sniff my skin, but it's very light and not at all noticeable.

This is now my go-to tan for every day use. For a night out, I would look for something darker, although this is buildable. The simplicity of application and the speed of tanning from start to finish is simply unbeatable though, I can see He-Shi being in my beauty routine for a very long time.

You can see me wearing this tan on my arms and legs here, here and here. It has given me the confidence to get my legs out, when I would usually wear tights, and to wear sleeveless dresses without covering up my arms.
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