I'm starting to get very excited about IMATS... only three weeks to go!
I wasn't planning on making a shopping list, but after spending yesterday with Ray, who seems to know exactly what she's going to buy, I thought I better prepare myself a little!
These are the things I am going to be eyeing up on the Illamasqua stand.

- Skin Base Foundation. This is probably my favourite foundation ever, it suits my skin type perfectly, it's really great coverage and it just looks like skin. I have reviewed this here if you're interested in reading all of my thoughts. 

- Satin Primer. Because I love the foundation so much, I've pretty much convinced myself that I need to give this primer a go too. It also comes in a matte version, but I love dewy, glowing skin, so I'm hoping this will be good for me.

- Masquara. My favourite mascara ever, ever, ever. I have also reviewed this here. I think I'll be picking up a few of these because you can never have too many stored away for future use!

- Percision Ink. I am 100% going to get this, as I already have it in gold and white, but I feel like I need the black one in my life (Abyss). I'm not good at applying eyeliner, but I find that the nib on these make it so much easier to apply, even for a novice like me!

- Intense Lipgloss. I very rarely wear lipgloss, but when I do, my brand of choice is Illamasqua. I have a red one which I absolutely love for nights out, so now I've got my eye on this one called 'Mistress' which is a bright coral... ideal for summer nights out.

- Lipstick. I've never tried an Illamasqua lipstick before, but this colour looks pretty amazing. It's called 'Atomic' and it's described on the website as a fuchsia violet colour... I'll definitely be swatching this at IMATS!

- Gleam Highlighting Skinfinish. As you probably already know I love highlighters, and anything that's going to give my skin a glow. This just looks so lovely, I think I'm going to fall in love with it before even seeing it in real life! It comes in a few different shades, but this is my favourite and it's called 'Aurora'.

- Pure Pigment. I only have one pigment in my makeup collection, and it's an Illamasqua one, which I know I love, which therefore gives me the perfect excuse to buy another. This shade is called 'Furore' and is described as champagne peach shimmer, which to me sounds stunning, and very wearable.

- Cream Blush. I've already got a couple of these in my collection, but I definitely need more. I really love cream blush, and these are one of my favourites when it comes to consistency and application. The fuchsia coloured one is called 'Laid' and I think this would look amazing with the Atomic Lipstick and a tan, the coral shade 'Dixie' looks so pretty, and it would be ideal for daytime wear and lastly the highlighting blush is called 'Lies'. I've wanted this one for quite a while now, even since I tried it out at an Illamasqua event in Leeds.

Have you used any of these, or is there anything you would recommend I pick up?

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