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Riding Pants: £17.99
Polo Shirt : £8.99
Riding Boots: £19.99
Gloves: £1.99

Total cost of outfit: £48.96

This latest outfit under £50 was a requested one, and I decided to do it because I used to ride horses... up until a few months ago I had a horse, and I know how expensive horse riding can be... the fact that you can get an entire riding outfit under £50 is pretty amazing. It took me a while to track down these bits, but hopefully it will be worth it and helpful to some of you.

First up, jodhpurs... which are really in style as a fashion piece at the moment, not just for riding in. (Although I don't ride anymore, I'd still wear these, and they're so much cheaper than the American Apparel ones).
If you are a rider however, the cream ones are ideal for keeping for best, for shows and events, and the other colours are great for everyday wear, I love the burgundy and green ones!
The polo shirts I have chosen are really neutral colours, which will match with all of the jodhpurs really well, they're so easy to wear and they're nice and comfy to ride in, in the warm weather.

I've never liked high legged riding boots, and have always worn ankle ones like these. They're such a bargain for less than £20, and come in brown or black.

With the remaining money from the budget I decided to add the riding gloves, they're really useful for around the yard and for £1.99 there's no excuse not to get a pair.

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