In today’s economic climate, the cost of a wedding can be even more expensive, and even more stressful. But there are certain costs that you can reduce, and the bridesmaid dresses are one of these.
One of the biggest things you should note is that you don’t need to buy them from bridal stockists. There are many high street and on line retailers who sell beautiful collections of dresses.
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Take for example this beautiful collection, which can be purchased from Fever. They are in very natural set of colours, and fit into both the pastel and floral fashions that are gaining popularity at the moment. And they can be bought in two forms. To the left is the peplum dress, and to the right is the peplum blouse and matching skirt. This set allows your bridesmaids to choose which look they prefer. The beauty of choosing dresses like this is that the bridesmaids will be able to use them over and over, rather than a traditional dress which is a lot less reusable. And, if that is not enough of an incentive, they cost only £110 – which is a fraction of what you would expect to pay for a bridesmaid dress.
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If you want to go with something more traditional looking, then there are still many options for you. Perhaps you could choose one dress style, but buy it in 2 colours. These dresses have a wonderful elegance to them. Rose and ivory are beautifully sophisticated colours, and as I have already stated, pastel colours are incredibly fashionable at the moment. These dresses are much more traditional, but offer reusability, and at only £69.99 they are more cost effective than you may have expected. And if these aren’t exactly what you are looking for, you could take a leaf out of their book – search for dresses that are either have the same colours but different styles, the same fabrics but different styles, of the same style but different colours. 
To view these designs and a huge selection of other options, visit Fever Designs.
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