I've never had a credit card before, mainly due to the fact that I don't want to end up with loads of debt, but recently I've been considering applying for one. Credit cards are generally portrayed in a bad light, and I've grown up being told to avoid them at all costs, but I think that if you're sensible enough to have some self control, credit cards can be a good thing. After all, there are some cards available with some great benefits (all used to draw you in to getting one), but as long as you don't go spend crazy when you have the card in your hand, I don't think that they're a bad thing.

The first thing to think about when choosing which one is for you is what you are going to be using the card for... is it just for one big purchase that you're going to pay back and maybe never use the card again, or will it be in your purse for little treats here and there? The best thing to do is compare credit cards and do your research, as there will be cards better for your needs than others.

I know people who have got themselves a credit card simply to buy themselves a new car, or something not so necessary (Balenciaga handbag anyone?!) then they've made all of their monthly payments to pay that item off before using the card again - this is how I would like to use a credit card. It's the most beneficial way... you get what you want with no extra cost.

I also have friends who have credit cards that they use daily, for online shopping and just for general day to day spending. For me personally, I'm too much of a shopaholic to let myself do that, but for those with self control, and for people who don't like to carry cash around with them this way can also be beneficial.

If you're thinking of getting a credit card, make sure you consider reward credit cards too... you can collect points as you spend, which you can use later to buy things - technically saving yourself money and getting yourself some freebies. Think of it like a Boots Advantage Card, but with a bit more small print to consider first.

Do you, or have you ever had a credit card?..
What are your views?

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