Whenever I go out with my friends, cocktails are always our first drink of choice, and as you can see in the first picture, I do like to mix it up a little with flavours... (they were 2 for 1, don't judge me!)
I'm not usually a big drinker, so when I do go out, I like drinks that don't taste too alcoholic and I usually find that cocktails are good for that. They usually taste more like a fruit juice than something that's going to have me dancing on a bar an hour or so after consumption!

In a couple of weeks I'm getting together with a few girls to have a bit of a cocktail afternoon, where we're going to be making some cocktails ourselves, and I can't wait.
My drink of choice is Midori, so I'm going to try adding that to a few drinks, and I might even try and whip up a Bellini!

Have you ever made cocktails before? If you have any recipe tips, send them my way so that I can look all professional!
Don't forget, if you're under 18 and can't drink, or even if you just don't enjoy alcohol, you can always have none alcoholic cocktails, they're just as delicious!
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