Sooo, not long until IMATS... who will I be seeing there?
I'm super excited to check out the Nars products, as I only have one of their blushes, and I'm definitely wanting to increase my collection.

These are the bits I'm aiming to pick up:

Sheer Glow Foundation
I haven't tried this before, but seeing as though Illamasqua aren't going to be there anymore, I'm going to give this a try. I've read lots of reviews about it, and I definitely think it will suit my skin type... only problem is, I don't know what shade I need. I'm thinking Mont Blanc looks good from online swatches, but I'll have to have a closer look on Saturday.

Laguna Bronzing Powder
Quite a lot of people say that this is the best bronzer ever, and I have just finished my bronzer (perfect timing) so I'm definitely wanting to get my hands on this.

Albatross Highlighting Blush 
I really don't need any more highlighters, I do have quite a few in my collection, but this just looks so pretty. I have a feeling that once I've seen this in real life, I won't be able to resist!

Miss Liberty Highlighting Blush 
The blush I already have from Nars (Orgasm) is one of my favourites ever, so I definitely want at least one more. This shade is described as a soft, shimmering peach on the website, which just sounds prefect for my skin tone.

Satin Lip Pencil 'Luxembourg' 
Last up, and probably the most appealing item is this lip pencil. The colour looks gorgeous in the picture, and is described as vivid watermelon, which to me just sounds like the most perfect colour ever. I'm very excited to grab one of these!

Is there anything else from Nars that you would recommend I have a look at?

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