Shopping sprees can be a tiring affair, with all the traipsing around between shops to sniff out the best bargains, trying on different clothes and of course, carrying heavy shopping bags around with you. That’s why afterwards you can feel a bit like you’ve just embarked on a work out. And that’s not too far from the truth either. According to one study, the average woman burns around 385 calories each week walking around shops. That works out to around 48,000 calories a year, which is the equivalent to a full 24 days’ worth of calorie intake.

So you should definitely go all out when you hit the high street. Instead of cutting back your spending spree to spare you stress, you should just find
ways to relax and take the weight off your feet after a long, hard day of browsing and bargain hunt. For example, you can…

1. Get a manicure
Pampering yourself is always the ideal way to end a shopping spree and what better way than with a manicure. You’ve probably done some damage to your nails when you were fighting your way through the crowds, gripping bundles of bags and biting them in anticipation of credit card rejection, so a manicure at the end of the day is a great solution. 

Many shopping centres will include nail parlour shops or kiosks and a nice, relaxing manicure treatment won’t be the most expensive purchase of the day, so there really is no excuse. Go put your bags down, sit back and get your nails coloured to match your newest threads. 

2. Enjoy some tea and biscuits
You can’t beat a good cup of tea and a few biscuits. For an unrivalled relaxing experience you should replace your usual breakfast mix with camomile, mint or fruit tea. If you have some stresses to relieve then make sure you buy the most chocolate stacked biscuits available. 

It seems simple, but taking some time out for yourself just to indulge in a hot beverage and some sweet treats can really make a difference at the end of the day, without adding any extra expenses to your already tired bank account. Just pour yourself a cuppa, look over all your new purchases and unwind. 

3. Run a bubble bath
There is nothing more blissful then putting some music on, running a hot bubble bath and soaking away the stresses of the day. Invest in a soft bathrobe (if you don’t have one already) and some creams, salts and bath bombs to really create a spa atmosphere. For that extra touch, light scented candles or incest sticks to benefit from a little aromatherapy. 
The only thing better than a bubble bath is a hot tub. You can get yourself down to the gym if you are lucky enough to be a member of one with spa features or, for those of you who have the bank balance for designer purchases, you can always order your own hot tubs from Artesian Spas or other online outlets. Otherwise, you can always pick up an affordable bath jet or bubble mat whilst out in the shops and transform your tub into a revitalising spa. 

4. Have a laugh
You’ve probably heard the saying “laughter is the best medicine”. Let me tell you, it’s true. Laughter is widely renowned for its therapeutic effects and  just the anticipation of laughing can reduce stress and just generally lift our spirit. In fact, it’s such a popular way to relax that laughter classes and laughter yoga sessions are growing in popularity and apparently laughologist is a real job title now. 

If you don’t fancy signing up for a laugh class then just invite some close friends over, have a chat and watch a comedy film. You can’t beat a good giggle with the girls, and after all, laughter is free. 

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