It's no secret that I love messy hair, and beachy waves a la Lauren Conrad and Ashley Olsen is the hair of dreams. When I was given the chance to try out Bumble and bumble's Surf shampoo and conditioner combo, I couldn't resist.

They claim to give buoyant body and soft sea breezy texture... who wouldn't want that?! At first I was a little dubious, and didn't want my wishes to get carried away with themselves... I tried them both, telling myself that it wasn't really going to make much difference to my hair (to avoid any disappointment), but wow, I really wasn't disappointed at all.

Firstly, the smell of the shampoo is just wonderful, it reminds me of fresh, salty sea air (a smell I am quite partial to because I live right by the sea), secondly, the conditioner is thick and creamy yet very light, and even while I'm in the shower, I can feel how lovely is it for my hair and lastly my hair is left looking as though I've been primping and preening it for hours to achieve the perfect wavy, loosely texturised look (when intact, I've hardly done anything to it!)

I've been using these once or twice a week, with a moisturising shampoo in-between. Although the shampoo and conditioner definitely don't dry my hair out, I am left with quite a matte finish, so to add a bit of shine in-between using these is something I would recommend.
Bumble and bumble recommend that you leave your hair to air dry, preferably in the sun after using these, which at the moment is really easy... however when there is no sun, I have found that a rough towel dry gives a similar effect. 

Although this is what I would call a high end shampoo and conditioner, I do think that they're worthy of the price if you can afford them... I for one will be treating myself to this little combo every now and again, especially in the Summer months when beachy hair is all the rage. If you're not so keen on the price tag, but still want to give these a go, have a look in your local Boots store for the mini sized set which includes both of these and a mini Surf Spray for £18.
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