I am a bit of a bargain hunter, I like to shop around, and love to save myself some money. However, I'm not much of a barterer... I wouldn't have the confidence to try and haggle with someone over the price of an item!

Recently, an info graphic was released to test people on how good they really are at spotting a bargain. You can test your own knowledge on what certain items are worth, and see if you know a good deal when you see one... it's a little bit like Deal Or No Deal, but with items instead of numbered boxes.

I found the game really interesting, especially when it came to guessing the value of an item that I don't know much about... the results are even more interesting.
How much would you pay for a beef burger and caviar, a plain white tee or an ostrich leather Prada handbag?

Have a quick look at the game (which you can find here) and see how you do.
Let me know how you get on too... I was tricked by a couple, and really shocked at one of the true value prices.
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