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Ever since the whole world watched Kate and William leave the hospital with their new baby boy earlier in the week, every woman I know has started to desire a blue polka dot dress. Of course Kate's Jenny Packham dress was sold out within a matter of hours, but the high street retailers have been pretty quick off the mark with getting their blue polka dot designs on sale.

Above is a selection of polka dot dresses I found, all still available online at the links below the image. There are a few different styles, so there should be something for everyone... I especially love dresses 1 and 7.
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If none of the dresses are really what you're looking for, or if you fancy something polka dot, but not a dress, above are a few of my favourite items that you might prefer. I love the little skirt from Missguided, and the blazer from River Island is just amazing... If you like it, be quick as it's in the sale!
Possibly saving the best until last, this is the dress most like Kate's that I could find, I know the colour isn't a great match, but it's still a lovely blue and the style is just so pretty. Best of all, it's from ASOS and all sizes are in stock!! Don't hesitate though, I'm sure it will be all sold out really soon.
Screen Shot 2012 09 18 at 20 20 07