Dress: Madam Rage (direct link)
Boots: Matalan (direct link)
Collar Pins: Adorning Ava
Bag: Matalan
Bracelets: Matalan & Internacionale
Sunglasses: Forever 21 (direct link)

If you're a regular reader of my blog, you will probably recognise this dress from last week, it's the same dress I wore to a wedding and showed you in this post.
Madam Rage challenged me to style the dress for both a wedding, and a festival... and this is the festival look.

Festival style doesn't always have to be rocky and edgy... festival style is traditionally more 60's hippie, peace and love style, and that's the kind of look I decided to channel when styling this dress.

Due to the completely unpredictable weather at the moment, I thought a bit of layering was necessary for a festival look. The thin white knit is very Summery, so this really works for the look, I also think that it makes more of a statement of the dresses collar. If you were wearing this exact outfit to a festival, the jumper would be handy to put on when it got chilly, and easy to whip off when the sun came out.
I added the aztec collar pins for a bit of contrast against the floral print, and then wore my cut out boots to give a slight rocky, modern festival look to the outfit.

If you think this is too pretty for a festival look, I have a slightly rockier version of the look coming up later in the week.

I still can't get over the fact that this dress is only £22, such an amazing price for a dress of it's quality and versatility - imagine seeing it in Topshop, I'm pretty sure it would be at least double the price!

How would you style this dress for a festival? And which look do you prefer, this or the wedding guest look?
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