Floral Headband: Silver Lining Creations

How pretty and perfect is this headband for the upcoming Summer months?! 
I've always liked the look of the big floral crowns that are doing the rounds on blogs at the moment, but with me having so much hair, I always think that one of those would be just too much for me. This however, is ideal. I love the colours, and it's just the right size to be classed as delicate and subtle, yet it's still a beautiful statement piece.

If I was attending a wedding, I would totally be planing my outfit around this, and if I was getting married my bridesmaids would definitely have these on their heads!

Jessie from Silver Lining creations doesn't just make these, but you can also buy customised floral crowns, hair clips, corsages, sunglasses and more from her, all designed to your exact taste. I think I'll be ordering one of these necklaces and a collar next!

What do you think of the headband? Will you be treating yourself to one for festival season?
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