Now that the sun seems to have appeared (for now, anyway) I’ve been looking over my wardrobe and wondering what kind of outfits would suit this sort of weather. It’s warm and sunny one minute, wet and windy the next – which means I’m constantly flip-flopping from one style to another. It’s fun to try out new looks, though. 

I had a bit of a trip in my high heels the other day while walking in the rain, and it made me wonder just how many women hurt themselves while wearing heels. I found a survey about fashion-related injuries, and was very surprised to find that only 7% of people said they had sprained their ankle from wearing high heels. 

The research by First4Lawyers revealed some of the most common fashion injuries in the UK, and some of them were quite cringe worthy. Four per cent said they had hurt themselves by catching their earring in their ear – that sounds pretty painful! Two per cent said they had ended up feeling faint after squeezing themselves into a tight, tight outfit 
The most common injury was nipping skin in zips – 20% of those surveyed admitted to that. We’ve all done that before!
separate survey showed that a fair few people had hurt themselves while receiving beauty treatment! Looking good can hurt, as many apparently discovered! 
Out of all the injuries, getting hair dyed or cut ended up in the most accidents – 19% of the respondents said so. In a close second was getting your leg or bikini line waxed, and in third place was injury due to UV tanning beds. 

One pretty interesting thing about that second survey was that half of those injured in beauty treatments were actually male! There’s nothing wrong with men making the effort to look good, but perhaps they’re just as haphazard about it as us ladies can be! 

As with any beauty treatment, you should always make sure that you’re not going to be allergic to any aspect of the treatment before actually going ahead with it. And my advice; don’t try to pluck your own eyebrows. Get a professional to do it!

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