Lush Emotional Brilliance Liquid Lipstick 'Believe'

I know, I know, another red lip product I hear you all saying, but bare with me with this one, it's a real good un'!
Everyone has been raving about liquid lipsticks lately, I think Rimmel started the trend with their Apocalypse lip glosses, then Maybelline jumped on board, and Hourglass are supposed to do an amazing one... you get the idea, they're everywhere right now.
Now I know what you might be thinking, whats wrong with a regular lipstick or a regular lipgloss, if it's not broken, don't fix it etc etc... and these were my initial thoughts too, that was until I tried these liquid lipsticks out, then my mind was made up... there is definitely room from liquid lipsticks in my makeup bag, and I'm sure you'll agree with me if you give them a go.

As someone who is 99% of the time a lipstick girl, I very rarely reach for my lip glosses... there are one of two which I love for a night out, but in general lip glosses annoy me. I find them sticky, not as pigmented, not as long lasting on the lips as a lipstick and not as neat and tidy on the lips. However, they can have their benefits too I guess... they are sometimes a lot more moisturising on the lips than lipsticks and having a bit of a shine to your lips often looks a lot more flattering. This is exactly why, with a liquid lipstick, you're onto a winner.

This one I've been using is from Lush, and their Emotional Brilliance range. If you haven't been into a Lush store and played with the colour wheel and had a colour reading, then you should. Basically, you close your eyes and clear your mind, then the wheel is spun and you choose the colours that jump out at you first. If you happen to select the colour of this lipstick, it signifies that you have belief in yourself (and that you have great taste in colour because this one is stunning!)

The best thing about this product is that it is multi use, not only can you wear it on your lips, but you can use it as a cream blush too, so if yore into the whole matchy-matchy thing then you'll love this. As you can see from the swatch above, it looks lovely when blended, very illuminating, fresh and natural.
On the lips, it's another story. The colour is really bold and it's definitely a stand out from the crowd shade (although it can be blotted for a more subtle look). I absolutely love the colour, which is described by Lush as 'a raspberry ice cream pink'.

The doe foot applicator makes it really easy to apply to the lips, and the product is really long lasting. I wore this to the FABB event in Manchester last month, and I hardly had to reapply (I think I had two trips to the toilets for touch-ups, and anyone who attended will vouch for me when I say it was boiling hot that day, so everyones makeup was sliding off!)
The ingredients include organic jojoba oil, candellila wax and rose wax, which make it very soothing and  softening on the lips and it also means that the pigmentation is held really strongly when applied.

I really don't have a bad word to say about this product, and I definitely want to get my hands on some other colours from the collection. There are 13 shades available, and you can buy them online or from your local Lush store. They retail at £14.50, which at first may sound steep, but remember you're getting a lipstick and a cream blush in one, and I would definitely say they're worth treating yourself to.

Have you tried these before? Which colours would you recommend?
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