Whenever I'm shopping with Ray, she always drags me into the big department stores to check out all the designer labels... I'm the first to admit that I'm through and through a high street girl, so designer labels go a little over my head, however, the more I look at high end clothes and accessories, the more I find myself craving something.

Vivienne Westwood stands out to me as one of my favourite designers, and when I was in Manchester I found myself having a sneaky peek at some of the pieces that were on offer. I even love the menswear, I'm so tempted to save up for something for my boyfriend.

With the womenswear, if I had an office job and needed smart clothes, I'd definitely be on a mission to get myself the black dress or the amazing pencil skirt, but for me and my everyday life, I'm loving the patterned pleated skirt.

I've had the Vivienne Westwood Let It Rock perfume before, and it was one of my favourites... I'm really intrigued to try out some more of her scents, and I just love the bottles of the two above, they would be right at home on my dressing table!

What do you think of designer labels?
[Written in association with Harvey Nichols]
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