In the eyes of teenage girls (and women) all around the world, One Direction can do no wrong... I've seen their faces on bed covers, lunch boxes, balloons, t-shirts and more, but now they've gone one step further and got their names and faces onto a new makeup line. 

MUA have released a collection of 1D makeup which consists of lipsticks, cheek tints, nail varnishes and lip polish, each individual item is named after either a One Direction song, one of the boys, or both.
I definitely think that they're on to a good thing here, and I'm guessing that these items will sell out as soon as they hit the shelves.

The target audience for One Direction, and the target audience for this makeup come hand in hand. The inoffensive and neutral colours are suitable for young girls, and the MUA range is ever affordable, with a lot of items retailing at only £1, so it's definitely going to be a purse friendly collection for those who want to spend their pocket money on a Zayn lipstick or a Harry nail polish!

Although I am partial to a big of 1D when I'm driving, I am a bit too old for this makeup... although I might be tempted to try one of the What Makes You Beautiful cheek tints, I do like a nice cheek product!

Will you be giving these products a try?

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