Back in the 90's I was such a trainers girl, I had about eight pairs and I lived in them. The thought of wearing heels, brogues or even little flats was ridiculous, and then by the time I was 18/19 that all changed, and I wouldn't wear trainers in public! 
Until very recently, this has continued, and until a few months ago I didn't own any trainers or plimsols. Then one day I bought myself some Blazers, and I have become obsessed. They are the comfiest things I've ever worn on my feet, and even better, they look fantastic with dresses, leggings, disco pants and shorts.

My wish list for comfy footwear is growing by the day, I want some snazzy trainers for the gym, possibly a pair of the burgundy hi-tops for when the colder weather comes and I definitely need a pair or two of converse trainers, I can't believe I've got to this age and never had a pair!

What do you think of these kind of shoes? 
How do you style yours?

I wasn't going to include the below outfit in a post, because I'd just arrived in London, and I'm looking rather hot and bothered, but I just wanted to show you my favourite way to style mine. 
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