I don't know about you, but I've never been to a spa before. I'll be paying my first visit to a local spa for my friends birthday in a few weeks time, and to be honest I'm a little nervous... All sorts of questions have been running through my head since she asked me to go; What do I wear? What do I take? What treatments do I want? 

Luckily for me, and any other spa virgins out there, who are too shy to ask, Spabreaks.com have created this little video to answer all of those questions you may have about spa etiquette, it even tells you things that I wouldn't have thought about asking, like can you take your phone into the spa, and what to do if you have special dietary requirements.

I hope this video is as helpful to some of you as it has been for me.

If you're a regular at a spa, what treatments would you recommend I try out when I go?
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