Vest, Shorts, Boots, Necklace : Matalan 
Hat: H&M

When Matalan gave me the chance to choose an entire outfit from their website, I was so excited, as I'd had my eyes on these shorts for a while, so I built the entire look around them.
I wanted to go for a Caroline Flack, festival style look... these shorts and boots are definitely things I could imagine her wearing.

If you like any of these things, they've all gone into the sale, really really cheap as well, so you'll have to be quick before they sell out! I'm even tempted to buy myself a back up pair of the boots, I love them so much.

I've pretty much lived in these boots since they arrived at my door, I'm sure you're all getting sick of the sight of them by now, but they're not coming off. They're just SO comfy! I'm hoping this warm weather sticks around too, because I'm wanting to wear these shorts more often than not too. If only I was going on holiday, because these are absolutely perfect.

I hope you're all having a lovely Sunday!
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