There's something about wearing an all white outfit in the Summer that just looks so classic and stylish.
Things which I would never have wanted to wear a few years ago, are now top of my wish list... white blazer I am looking at you!

If you're not brave enough to go head to toe white, even just adding one of these items to a look can bring a whole new style to an outfit.
These are some of my top picks for white items to add to your wardrobe this season.

My favourite pieces are the blazer and the handbag. I think the blazer would look amazing with a casual tee underneath, and the bag would smarten up any outfit and go with pretty much anything - that's the beauty of white, it's as versatile as black but still, for some reason, people tend to stay away from it.
The jeans and the cute shirt are both classic pieces, that would be able to be carried through from Summer to Winter for years to come. Things like that really never go out of style.
The midi skirt and the wedges are bang on trend at the moment, and ideal for Summer time (the wedges are in the Matalan sale now for £10 too - absolute bargain!)
And how can you ever have too many sunglasses in your collection, so why not get some of these funky white ones?! I love round frames at the moment too, they're really fashionable and quirky.

What do you think of white clothes and accessories?
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