Dress: inrush (direct link)
Leather Jacket: Topshop

Gosh, I look like a complete misery in the majority of these pictures. I do apologise, I'm actually quite a happy person at the moment, but maybe the wind was getting on my nerves a little. Speaking of which, it's actually starting to get a bit chiller again up here, so out comes my leather jacket, probably to never leave my back again for a good 8 months.

This dress popped through my letter box last week, and it was one of those 'oh my gosh, I want to wear this now' moments, I just love it. The colours are so, so pretty (can't beat a bit of monochrome and neon in my opinion), the print is right up my street, and it's an amazing texture, the fabric is quite thick and it feels really expensive. FYI, it's not, it's an absolute bargain £14.99 bad boy!

After an initial panic that I have no nights out planned, so no idea when I can wear it, I thought I'd play around with dressing it down. Here, I wore it just to go for tea at the pub, so I didn't really accessorise, I just throw my jacket on, my wedge boots and I felt good to go but after wearing it like this, I'm actually going to experiment with dressing it down even more. I definitely think it's the kind of dress I'll be able to wear during the daytime in the colder months with tights and ankle boots, or even completely dressed down with converse and a beanie hat.
Who knows, if I ever go on a night out again I might get to rock it with my huge heels and a load of tan and lippie too!

What do you think?.. How would you style this one?
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