I love nail art, but sometimes I can't be bothered sitting and taking an hour or more when painting my nails, and sometimes I just don't have time to do anything fancy. This is why I love these nail tattoos so much - they're ideal for anyone who wants something a little bit quirky or different on their nails but doesn't have the time or the patience to do it!

Nail tattoos are a new thing for me, I'd never tried them before these ones, but now I can't imagine not having them. These were in the FABB Events Manchester goody bags, and I've been planning on blogging about them ever since.
The pack I received came with 86 tattoos for finger nails or toe nails, in a variety of designs which I love. The first ones I tried were the cute little bulldog heads.

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy these are to apply (they remind me of the tattoos you'd get in a Kinder Egg when you were younger!) The tattoos can be applied on top of nail varnish, or a bare nail. You simply cut out the design you wish to use, I would recommend cutting really close to the design so that you can be more specific with where you want the tattoo to appear on the nail, you peel the plastic off the tattoo, and stick it onto your nail. After wetting the back of the tattoo for approximately 10 seconds, the backing slides off and the tattoo is complete. Adding a top coat on top of the tattoo makes it last much longer.

Big Ruby sell lots of different packs of tattoos, so there really are designs to suit everyone's taste... I've got my eye on the bird pack next.
You can order Big Ruby nail tattoos online, or if you're in the UK like me, you can find them in Topshop and Miss Selfridge stores.
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