I don't know a girl who doesn't love flowers, especially when they're delivered to her door, and when they're as beautiful as these roses it's even better!

These roses are from Debenhams Anniversary range, and come with a gift set from The Sanctuary, which makes them an even more special surprise. When they arrived at my door, in a huge patterned box, I was so excited to get them open. Debenhams let me select which flowers I wanted to feature from their range, but it still felt like a big surprise, and I was really impressed with the size of the bunch... I received 20 long stemmed, pink deep water roses and the Sanctuary Spa set included Body Wash, Body Lotion and Body Scrub. These are known as the 'Must Have Gift Set' on the website.

After a snapping a quick picture of the flowers all wrapped up (top picture), I unwrapped them, trimmed the end of the stems and popped them into my vase with their sachet of food to keep them growing strong. Apart from a few poor petals after a day or two, the roses lasted a good six or seven days before they started to die, which I thought was great considering the hot weather they were having to put up with. They also stayed standing, there was no dropping or sagging... they just dried out, which shows how amazing quality flowers they are - roses are known to die off pretty quickly!

If you would like to receive 15% off any of the flowers in the Anniversary range, just enter the discount code ANV15 in at the checkout. Anyone can use this, but it expires on August 31st.

Even if you don't have an anniversary coming up, this gives you the perfect excuse to treat a loved one or a friend to a bunch of flowers, send some to your Mam, your friend... anyone, I can guarantee they will love them!
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