I think everyone knows I'm not a high end girl, I love a bargain and I love a dupe, but I'm still human and I can't help but have a cheeky look every now and again!
I found myself perusing the Avenue 32 website, and I came across a few beauties... I'm kind of hoping that some high street stores decide to make exact copies of these pieces (or I win the lotto!)

First up, the dresses; I love something a little bit different and a little bit quirky, and the first design by Wunderkind is just that! I love the colours, they look so pretty together and I love how it appears that a sun dress has been layered ontop of a simple tee. If money was no object, this would be one of the first thing I would pick up.
The mint green dress by Antonio Marras is a typical 'me' dress and is my favourite by far. I'm a big fan of t-shirt skater style dresses, the colour blocking is beautiful and of course, it has a collar... what more could I want?! Of course, it being my favourite, it's also the most expensive of the bunch.
Another dress with a collar, this time by L'agence, is much dressier than the last, but still as desirable to me, the sheer fabric, the pleats... oh it's just perfect.
The final dress is very different to the rest, but if I had a big night out planned, this would be something I would like to wear. This design is by Cedric Charlier, I love the monochrome with the bright splash of colour and because of the classy cut and longer sleeves, this is definitely something I would wear.

Now onto designer shoes and bags. The bags are both a dream come true, monochrome leather with zips and bold, structured cobalt blue with amazing detailing both by Phillip Lim who is one of my favourite designers. If I could, I would most definitely splash out on both of these, it would be impossible to decide!
The shoes are very similar to each other, one design more for Winter, the other for Summer and they would match the bags perfectly. They are both from Calvin Klein. The boots are my favourites, as I'm definitely more of a chunky shoe kind of girl, I think they would be such a beautiful statement piece for anyones wardrobe.

The only other sort of thing I would love to be able to really splash out on, would be some luxury underwear. Definitely a good way to make yourself feel dressed up and fancy!

If money were no object, what would you treat yourself to?
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