Lately I've been in the mood to have a real good clear out of my things, have a big refresh and kind of start again with new home wear. Obviously this kind of thing costs quite a bit of money, so I've been sorting items out to sell at car boot sales and flog to my friends.
I have ended up with a box of CD's and DVD's that haven't sold, and that nobody really wants... Richard Blackwood's album anyone?! I decided to do a bit of online research into where to get rid of unwanted items like these, and that is when I discovered Music Magpie.

They take old CD's, DVD's, games, electronics and even better, for a hoarder like me, you can send them your unwanted clothes! You get you quotation online, post the items to them for free and then receive your money - its such a good idea.

Since realising that they can take my unwanted clothes from me, I've sorted a big box of clothes out to send to them. You don't get loads of money per item, but when it's all added up, and for the ease and simplicity of getting rid of your old things I think it's fantastic. No standing in muddy fields trying to sell at a car boot, no dealing with awkward eBay customers and endless trips to the post office, it's all done in one go and when you need money fast, this is one way of making sure you get it there and then.

I've kept a few items of clothing that I'm going to have a play around with customising, but I've been pretty brutal and harsh with myself and got rid of the majority of things that haven't been worn for years... it actually feels quite liberating, and I'm very excited to spend the money on things that I actually want and need!

Have you ever used Music Magpie?
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