With Creamfields, V Fest and Leeds Festival all happening this week, I thought I would share my must have festival items with you. These are the things that I would always taken with me to a festival, and best of all they're all light and compact enough to pop in your bum bag or backpack.
Firstly, every girls must have products - the makeup. For a festival, you're never too bothered with your appearance and you definitely won't have the time (or the energy) to apply a full face of makeup each day but of course you still want to look nice. I would always take a tinted moisturiser or BB cream with me, they're super easy to apply and will give you enough coverage to feel confident. I definitely recommend taking multi use products with you too, this definitely helps with packing light. Cream blush is ideal because you can use it on your cheeks and as a lip product. Of course lip balm is a must too... and remember to take a stick one (not one in a pot), it's much more hygienic for festival time.
I think the worst thing to forget to pack for a festival would be dry shampoo, I really don't think that I would survive a festival without mine! I'm loving this Phil Smith one at the moment, the can is really thin as well, so easy to pack and carry around.
Of course you also need some sun glasses. Even if the weather forecast says rain, don't forget your sunglasses. I think the funkier the better for festivals, this aztec pair from Specky Four Eyes are my favourites at the moment, and they're ideal for hiding eyes without much makeup, or hungover/tired eyes (which everyone has at festivals!)
If it's going to be a sunny day, you need SPF to protect your skin, not only at a festival, but if you're going to be out in a hot sunny field all day, it's a must! I've been wearing the Apivita one all Summer and I really love it... it definitely works too!
If you like to go all out at a festival and really let your hair down, I think coloured hair spray is a great thing to take to a festival. If you're not so confident you can just spray the tips or a couple of streaks into your hair, or if you really want to stand out from the crowd, go wild and spray it all. These Stargazer sprays are ideal, because the colour washes out after just one wash. (I also love glitter for your face but I didn't have any to photograph!)
Lastly, of course you need to keep clean at a festival, and these wipes from Halo are the best idea ever. I have the eye makeup remover wipes and the deodorant wipes but you can also buy hand hygiene wipes, moist toilet tissue and toilet and surface wipes... with all of these, you're definitely festival ready.

Have you been to any festivals this year?
What are your must have items?!
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