This time of year is all about festival style fashion, which personally, I love. Generally it may not to be everyone's taste, but when you think about it, it's a style which can be interoperated in many ways and tweaked to suit anyones own personal preference and style.

New Look have come up with a really cool way to build festival style looks based on festival styles of fashion and music  from the past 44 years. They have called it the Evolution of Festival Fashion.

So if you're a hippie chick, a punk rocker, an 80's kid, a grungy kind of gal', a Brit pop princess, an indie lover or an urban street styler, there is something to suit your look, and New Look have got all the styling tips and ideas you will need to piece together that perfect outfit just for you.

Myself, I like a mixture of the hippie looks, the 80's style (because I was an 80's kid) and then the more modern indie and urban outfits... for a festival though, the rules are pretty minimal, you can mix up the styles and dress how you want to dress... Above are some of my favourite festival pieces from New Look.
What era of festivals, music and fashion are your favourites, and what would you wear to a festival?

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