I have recently tweaked my makeup and jewellery storage in my room, and although I'm planning on filming a video of my storage and collection for my YouTube channel, I decided to share a sneak peek on here first.
I love all things vintage, shabby chic and floral at the minute, so these vanity/storage boxes which were sent to me from Out There Interiors are exactly what I've been looking for and I think the match really nicely with my little white drawers. They're the perfect new addition to my dressing table.
I've been using the boxes to store my smaller jewellery pieces, some of my most used makeup and my back up products have been living in the bottom box waiting to be used. They've come in really handy and I don't really know how I managed without them. I love the worn and faded effect and the print is just so pretty.

My dressing table area is still a bit of a work in progress, ideally I would't be using an old pine chest of drawers, I'd upgrade to something a little bit more fancy, however that currently isn't an option and the drawers do the job. I'd like a prettier wallpaper instead of my pink walls to complete the look and  I also need a mirror and another pot or two for more of my brushes... in fact, there's lots more I would love to add!

I'm really looking forward to filming my makeup storage and collection video, as they're one of my favourites to watch on YouTube. Have you filmed one of these or written a blog post like this recently? I'd love some further inspiration.

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