Personalised Cake: Baker Days 

I'm a sucker for anything sweet, especially of the chocolate variety and I love quirky gift ideas, so when Baker Days contacted me and asked me to choose or design a cake to try and review I couldn't wait to get started with choosing the cake (and eating it!)

Firstly, I must mention the packaging. Don't forget this cake was posted to me, and yet it arrived in perfect condition, in it's cute 'just for you' tin (which will come in handy either to store things in, or to re-use for packaging someone's birthday present at a later date) and I loved the extra touches of a little card and a packet including three balloons, a party blower and two candles. I always think that little cute touches like this can make all the difference.

It did take me a while to choose which design of cake I wanted because there are so many options on the website. Eventually I decided on a personalised cake with a photograph of Elodie on top, and I'm really impressed with the quality of the image on the icing. You can also choose from plain sponge cake, fruit cake, chocolate cake or even a gluten and wheat free cake. I of course went for my favourite; chocolate cake, which is made with Belgian chocolate and is jam packed with chocolate chips.

It was absolutely delicious, and I think you can tell from the photograph, just how moist and fresh the cake was. Elodie loved it too, and she was so excited to have her face on the cake!

I think that these cakes are a brilliant idea for a gift for someone's birthday or a special occasion, especially if someone lives far away. I'd be over the moon to receive one of these! The cake I received would cost £16.99 and is known as the 'letterbox cake' which serves 3-4 people, but you can get anything up to a 40-55 portion cake delivered straight to your door. They also sell cupcakes which can be personalised, and if you order before 2pm on a weekday, you can receive next day delivery - amazing!

Who wouldn't want a cake through their letterbox?!
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